Meganol Lubricants Reportage: Exceeding Specifications


The lubricant is the Alpha and Omega for engine operation, maintenance and longevity. It is necessary initially to reduce engine friction, but also to clean the moving parts of the engine. Sometimes lubrication of the engine is more important than cleaning which is just as important. A good lubricant, depending on the good quality and the correct amount of additives contained in it, helps in both good and excellent lubrication but also in the cleaning of combustion residues, so that the engine is kept fresh for many years and many thousands of kilometers. .


Meganol lubricants are exclusively based and manufactured solely with primary mineral oils and imported chemical additives of the largest chemical additives worldwide. A lubricant may simply meet the specifications of the additive to be produced with the appropriate viscosity. Meganol lubricants are not only manufactured to meet specifications, but are manufactured with the highest quality chemical additives to exceed API and ACEA specifications as well as car manufacturers, which can be ascertained through chemical analysis.


This means that Meganol Lubricants reduce engine oil change intervals because they maintain their original viscosity for many more miles, while keeping the engine clean as they lubricate it. It is no coincidence that there is certification from SCANIA and VOLVO Sweden.


Lubricants are constantly evolving and this is due to the increasing demands due to the environmental rules adopted internationally for modern low-emissions cars (LowSaps) as well as modern international operating requirements.


Kyriakos Mousakian
Meganol Lubricants Director


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